Composite Blinds in Vancouver, WA

Composite Window Blinds

Durable composite blinds are a cost-effective alternative to real wood, perfect for anyone looking to transform all household windows on a budget. Additionally, the best way to save a pretty penny without jeopardizing style and quality is by trusting Elite Blinds. Our long-time team partners with Vancouver’s finest vendors when designing and installing your perfect treatments.


Wood Blinds Features

While many prefer the elegance of real wood blinds, these composite counterparts provide countless other benefits as follows:


Real wood fades, warps, and cracks in regular contact with moisture. However, composite window blinds have a weather-resistant heated thermoplastic protective resin, which deters water and UV rays. Place the blinds near steamy showers, hot stoves, or other high-humidity and sunny areas, and you won’t risk their appeal!


Maintenance with real wood usually comprises stripping and sanding for a smoother texture before sealing and staining for long-term color and durability. Even simply cleaning, you must wipe genuine wood slats with wood polish. With composite blinds, mild scrubbing with soap and water remedies stubborn stains and built-up dust and debris (and you don’t have to repaint!).


Because composite blinds are lighter, they’re easier to install. This makes your installation costs cheaper. You can also clean them yourself and rehang them without too much strain because it can be effortless to take down.

Available in a Smooth Finish

Due to the resin finish, you won’t feel the hard or soft wood material on the surfaces of the slats. It feels smooth to the touch. However, if you prefer a real wood feel, opt for a textured composite version to complete your indoor design.

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The Eco-Friendly Option

Composite window coverings have GreenGuard® certification, which means they don’t release toxic chemicals into your breathing air. They’re also opaque when closed, a second layer of insulation that prevents UV rays from rivaling your HVAC unit and harming indoor wood surfaces.

At Elite Blinds, we take pride in our craftsmanship. That’s why we aim for 100% customer satisfaction with every project we take on in Vancouver, WA, and surrounding areas. So, when you need composite blinds, trust our highly-rated team, and we’ll offer a free in-home consultation!


Composite Blinds Inspiration

There are plenty of options when it comes to composite blinds, especially with many different colors, finishes, shapes, and slat widths available. Uncover your preferences and take inspiration by scrolling through our gallery.