Vertical Blinds in Vancouver, WA


Vertical Window Blinds

As the name suggests, vertical window blinds have slats reaching from top to bottom, making your ceiling appear higher. So, when you’re ready to transform your windows and your entire room, count on Elite Blinds. We guarantee premium vertical blinds to match your interior Vancouver, WA, decor, no matter your style.


Vertical Blinds Features

Vertical blinds for windows increase privacy and reduce glare when closed while offering a view and natural lighting when opened. You can also benefit from the following features:


Whether you have vertical blinds for sliding glass doors or tall windows, choose lightweight, economical materials like vinyl or PVC for easy, cost-effective installations. They’re also one of the best alternatives in the long run since they provide thermal efficiency. They reduce energy bills by barring natural summer light and heat and providing additional winter insulation.


Unlike wood and other high-maintenance materials, PVC and vinyl vertical blinds don’t require constant sanding and restaining. Instead, tackle imperfections with simple soap and water without worrying about water damage or high repair costs. The resin or plastic-like surfaces also remain immune to humidity, fire, and UV rays, allowing them to last longer in less-than-ideal locations.

Easy To Operate

The G71 headrail houses an accordion-style pantograph system that guarantees the vanes always stay an even width apart while operating, giving an aligned, consistent look. In one motion, the vanes smoothly rotate open across the length of the window—a durable solution even with heavy use.

Available in a Wide Range of Colors

Choose from a vast color range, whether you’re considering fabric, vinyl, or PVC materials. From earth tones like brown, tan, and white to more eye-catching hues like pink, teal, and green, every color matches your indoor color scheme.

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How We Install Vertical Blinds Near You

Once you contact our specialized team, we provide an in-home consultation to take measurements, ask about your style preferences and budget, and determine the right window coverings to match. After we choose or design your products, we provide expert installation services for beautiful, high-quality finishes. With our lifetime warranty, we’re never too far away if you need us again. Vertical blinds for windows suit large or tall spaces and are elegant for most house styles. For more information on window coverings, contact Elite Blinds for a free consultation. Call us at (360) 797-5064 for window treatment installation in Vancouver and surrounding Washington areas!


Vertical Blinds Inspiration

If you want to start brainstorming vertical window blind options before our consultation, visit our gallery. Our past projects will provide you with some future inspiration.