Cellular Shades in Vancouver, WA

Stylish, Functional Cellular Shades

Cellular shades combine practical design with undeniably modern style. They soften loud noises outside your home and prevent conditioned indoor air from escaping through your windows while looking fabulous. If you are in or near Vancouver, Washington, you have come to the right place to select your shades.

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Cellular Shade Features

Cellular shades, or honeycomb shades, consist of two pleated fabric layers. These layers create tiny, insulating pockets that capture excess sound and air. Similar to traditional shades, cellular shades can be drawn up or down to your liking.

Easy to Operate

The G71 headrail houses an accordion-style pantograph system that guarantees the vanes always stay an even width apart while operating, giving an aligned, consistent look. In one motion, the vanes smoothly rotate open across the length of the window—a durable solution even with heavy use.

Energy Efficiency

Unlike their traditional counterparts, cellular shades come with a few perks. They can regulate indoor temperatures by capturing air from the windows, promoting energy efficiency. Additionally, they can effortlessly control the light coming in due to their honeycomb structure.

Diverse Styles

Cellular window shades also boast an endless array of style options. Shop for classic gray, black, or white shades for a softer appeal. You can also elevate a space’s atmosphere with brighter colors like sky blue, dusty rose, and cheerful yellow.

Available in Multiple Fabrics

Fabric choices can amplify your interior design. Honeycomb shades are traditionally made of spun lace. However, cellular shades are available in other durable yet luxurious materials that you can shop for, such as linen and sheer.

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Choosing the Best Cellular Shades Near You

Choosing the perfect cellular shade style that will fit you and your Vancouver home can sometimes be overwhelming. Elite Blinds’ designers can introduce you to diverse color options and fabric swatches to help you picture them in your interior space. We can also assist you in exploring more energy-efficient options, such as single, double, and triple-pleated cellular shades.

Cellular shades are an unconventional yet stylish option to cover your windows. With its innovative design, you can experiment with different types and sizes, as well as coverage—you can choose between full or partial coverage.

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Cellular Shade Inspiration

We showcase our exceptional work through our clients’ spaces in Vancouver and surrounding neighborhoods in Washington. Check out how we transformed the interior spaces below. Put a pin on some preferred-style pegs and show it to us during our consultation.